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Our Mission

The overall goal of the Blue Earth token is to offer holders safety and trust while using the buyback protocol on the dual-chain network. The holders will support green energy projects that build solar and wind energy systems in various parts of the world.

With upcoming partnerships and co-brand strategy the value of the token will rise.

By creating a global community and boosting green energy projects, our dream is to help ensure a better, healthier, and more sustainable life for future generations.


Blue Earth Protocol is the world’s latest hyper deflationary token.

With a maximum amount of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 tokens pre-minted, Blue Earth Protocol employs a buy-back & burn model which sees the available amount of tokens decrease over time.

Hyper deflationary models are attractive to investors as both price stability and price discovery are ensured from point of minting into the future.

This unique model gives Blue Earth Protocol control over the amount of tokens in the marketplace ensuring positive price discovery and preserving a solid price floor. This ensures long term price stability and future value growth for the Blue Earth Protocol token.

Reasons why adoption of Green Energy is Crucial

Green energy refers to energy tapped from renewable natural resources such as the sun, wind, and water. The energy generation from such sources preserves the environment because they cannot be depleted and emit no greenhouse gases.

Green energy limits the negative impact of fossil fuels by offering environmentally friendly alternatives. The adoption of green energy will mean a clean environment and stable energy prices because sources of green energy are readily available and unaffected by geopolitics.


Energy-Infrastructure Eco-Fuel Electric-Car Geothermal-Heat-Pump Green-Technology


ERC-20 and BEP-20 token will be listed




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How do Buy Back & Burn Protocols work?

Buy-back & burn is unique to cryptocurrency economics. Traditional finance has similar methods but none as efficient as crypto industry buy-back & burn.

The crucial difference is that buy-back & burn is executed via a predefined smart contract. After every Blue Earth Protocol sale the smart contract is automatically triggered and tokens are burnt at a pre-determined rate from the liquidity pool.

In traditional finance the share buy back system is determined by shareholder or board of governor vote and is not guaranteed.

With a buy-back & burn model the issuing smart contract must follow pre-determined protocol and its execution is visible for all token holders to see.

The four benefits of a buy-back & burn model are:

Price growth and price stability are guaranteed once token is listed for trading and circulating supply is diminished over time.

Simple tokenomics make the asset more attractive to investors.

Demand created from secondary markets becomes higher which leads to greater liquidity for the token in question.

Long term growth and stable price discovery becomes a feature as more and more investors hold for long term gains.


Buy-back & burn models are set to become the crypto industry standard in the coming years.

Even Ethereum EIP 1559 includes a deflationary burn model which ensures future price discovery in the near and long term.

The buy-back & burn model ensures Blue Earth Protocol will benefit from price stability and long term value growth.

Dual-Chain Token Model

Blue Earth Protocol also features a unique Dual Chain Model running on both Ethereum ERC-20 and Binance BEP-20 networks.

Dual chain models are used to negate expensive transaction costs generated when tokens rise in value.

As tokens increase in use network congestion cause fees to increase further and makes a single token blockchain model expensive and inconvenient to use.

This layer 2 dual chain solution allows Blue Earth Protocol to take full advantage of Ethereum’s high rates of liquidity.

By adopting Ethereum and BNB for Blue Earth Protocol the dual chain model ensures that transactions will remain cheap, secure and 100% safe for Blue Earth token holders.

As the Ethereum network is used more and the price of the Ethereum token rises then the price of Blue Earth Protocol token will rise in lock-step.

The dual chain function is set to be activated shortly after BlueEarth Protocol has undertaken the successful token launch.

Attract Holders

2 X  Secure

Cheap Transactions

100 % Safe

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BlueEarth NFT on the NFTrade website.
coming soon

Blue Earth Protocol also allows for the creation and development of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) through the use of NFT Trade, the world’s first cross-chain and blockchain agnostic NFT trading platform. This unique and innovative developer friendly platform allows users to swap their BEP generated NFT’s across four different blockchains – Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Avalanche – in a highly trusted and secure environment.


Marketing and future plans

short & long term road map

- Website launch with social media sites: Facebook,Twitter,Discord,Youtube. ☑️

- BSCSCAN details and logo has been sent. ☑️

- Whitepaper ready. ☑️

- Pre-Sale on: ☑️ https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0x038d180F29CcCEc2c0110075Dd89734A3A613Fb6?chain=BSC

- BlueEarthToken launch after successful pre-sale event. ☑️
- Listing on pancakeswap with locked LP. ☑️

- Aggressive Marketing and Shilling: Twitter,Telegram. ☑️

- Facebook, Instagram advertising. ☑️
- Grow and Expand our communities: Facebook,Telegram,Twitter. ☑️

- Creating Reddit and Medium community sites. ☑️

- Upload how to buy token and token induction on our youtube channel in 4K.

- Get listed on: https://nomics.com/ ☑️ and https://www.livecoinwatch.com/.

- After the successful token pre-sale and community growth, deploying our token on ERC20 network . This will give the holders a long-term price stability and a strong value growth.

In progress coming soon.

- Creating our BlueEarth Protocol bridge between ERC-20 and BEP-20 1:1 ratio.

- Get listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. After the successful token listing we will apply the request on Cointiger and Coinpaprika as well.

- TrustWallet, Myetherwallet, IMToken wallet logo and details update.

- Huge marketing campaign and translating our website to Russina,Spanish and Chinese language with Whitepaper.

- Press Releases (not in order and will be moving into PHASE 2-3):

*Yahoo Finance
*AP News
*Bitcoin.com [+Tweet]
*CoinCodex [+Tweet]
*Bitcoinist [+Tweet]
*NewsBTC [+Tweet]
*CoinCheckup [+Tweet]
*CoinGape [+Tweet]
*CoinSpeaker [+Tweet]
*Cryptomode [+Tweet]

- Giveaways.

- Extend and grow our webshop.

- Being in Yahoo Finance and Market Watch articles and many more.

- Certik and Techrate Audit.

- Launching our partnership programs.

- Advertising with youtube,twitch,inlfuencers.
- Multiple CEX listing and trading competitions.
- Deploying our BlueEarthProtocol swap and our Mobile Wallet.
- Creating our NFT Marketplace.

- Guerrilla and Street Marketing.

- Huge Giveaways.



After every transaction 4% goes to holders directly. Enhancements and marketings. The soul of the token. For buy-back from market and burn.

after pre-sale


  • Total Supply 100%
  • More burn after pre-sale.
  • Marketing 5%
  • Team 3%
  • Development: 3%
  • Airdrop 2%
  • Total Supply 100%
  • Pre Sale 10 %
  • Liquidity 4.74 %


Levente H. R.
Social Media Manager
Sandor P. M.
Gabor B.
Bernadett V.
Julio E.
Telegram Admin
Tamas H.
Marketing Manager
Stephen T.
Marketing Manager
African researcher and telegram moderator.
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